Arizona Education Information

All kinds of information about education in Arizona

Understanding Arizona’s approach to supporting education can be confusing. There are federal laws, state laws, district policies and school policies. Money mostly comes from taxes, but can take a circuitous route to the classroom. Schools are graded A-F. Teachers may or may not be certified. This page provides some background.

Laws & Regulations

A myriad of state laws, regulations, policies and legal opinions form the legal framework for education in Arizona

School Funding

Arizona public district schools are funded by local, state and federal dollars. Public charters are supported by state and sometimes federal dollars. Find out more here.

Financial Accountability

How is schooling in Arizona doing financially?

School Choice

In Arizona, we have school choice. There are several options among which parents can choose based on each child's needs.

Students & Teachers

How many students are in which educational options in Arizona? How many teachers?

Educational Accountability

How are Arizona students doing? How well are the schools educating students?