Who are we?


We are a group of parents who are very invested in our children's education and in how the educational process operates in Arizona. Our children have attended district, charter, vocational and home schools. We attend and speak at school board meetings and are always on the lookout for more good information about our schools and the laws and policies that govern them.

At times our opinions may creep into what we include on this site, but we will do our best to present all sides of an issue. Help us out by getting us more information!

At this time we are Gilbert residents, but hope to add sections to this website for other Arizona school districts.

We have also cooperated on a different website, educategilbert.com, which links to this site and vice versa. There is also a link to that site in the header above.

What do we believe?

Parental Involvement

We believe that parents should have ample opportunity to be active in the education process at the district and school levels. We encourage parents to be involved, and we encourage educators and administrators to actively seek parental involvement in the schools and in their children's educational performance. 

School Choice

We believe that parents are the primary educators of our children and should have the freedom to decide what type of education is best for them whether it be public, private, charter or home school. All students should be eligible for education funding whatever education path they select.  


We believe that our schools should be nonpartisan. Politics need to be left out of our schools and classrooms. Indoctrination does not belong in schools. Our students should be taught how to think, not what to think. 

Teacher & Staff Pay

We believe that teachers and support staff should be paid competitively to help retain and attract the best talent in our schools. Pay should be merit based and should consider teaching and other professional experience. 


We believe that schools should be adequately funded and that they should use those funds wisely and with full accountability. This is for all schools receiving public money, whether district, charter or private.


We believe that our schools should be be safe, secure environments for staff and students. School safety needs to be an ongoing priority that is proactive, not reactive.