School Enrollment and Teacher Counts

Even the counting is complicated.

The students enrolled in Arizona district and charter schools are counted in two ways, Average Daily Membership (ADM) and Enrollment. State funding is based on ADM. Unfortunately, sometimes the terms appear to be used interchangeably (100th Day Enrollment, for example) so it can take some research to know what's being used in a report.


Enrollment History

District and charter school enrollment for the past few years.

Enrollment is the number of students enrolled in the school on any particualr day, usually counted on the last day of the school year. It doesn't matter if they are full time or part time students - it's a pure headcount. It also doesn't matter whether they have been enrolled all year, or just on the day counted.

ADM is the average number of full-time equivalent students enrolled over the first 100 days of the school year, accounting for full time vs. part time students.

The chart shows that the percentage of charter school students (based on ADM) vs. district school students has been steadily increasing over the past decade.

Counting Students

Here are various reports and links on Arizona and Gilbert student counts.

Teachers and Staff

Employee Counts

This Arizona Department of Education School District Employee Report page allows you to create a report for your school or district showing how many of each kind of teacher or staff is employed.