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Blended-Learning Pilot Program Engages Students
Blended learning is multifaceted, multidimensional, non-traditional, and more importantly, fun. Desert Wind Middle School's summer camp is hosting a blended approach to summer school. More than 80 students are enrolled to experience this approach to learning. The focus is to educate and enrich students in mathematics through self-directed and personalized learning experiences with Dreambox software.

As the students use the computer-based software to revisit lessons and work independently, teachers monitor and plan face-to-face interactions. How are the students responding? According to Mr. William Lange, who is the summer camp coordinator, "They are excited and many students have commented they wished their school was like this all the time." Read More...
Quaver Hits Chord in Attaining Educational Resonance
So often when we consider student performance, we focus on core subject strength. Students across Arizona, however, are getting revved up by music lessons that integrate technology and web-based tools as a dynamic part of the learning process. Quaver, an online music composition program being enthusiastically promoted by members of the education community--as well as arts enthusiast and Anthem resident Fredric Laughlin--is being credited for using creativity, technology, and music to drive its innovative approach to music education.

According to School Superintendent, Dr. Greg Smith, the use of Quaver in classrooms engages (while it entertains) students. The use of whiteboards, the ability to download student work, as well as to facilitate both song and dance may just hold the key to revolutionizing an otherwise more subdued classroom experience. According to elementary music teacher Crista Sereni, Quaver allows "music to speak where words fail." Read More...
Cyber-bullies Held Accountable With ParentingPride
Many kids all across the country have fallen victim to some variation of cyber bullying. Whether it is via the internet or cell phone this repeated and deliberate harassment is known to lead to self-destructive and outward expressions of violence. Legislation has been proposed to help prevent these actions, but more can be done.

Online programs like ParentingPride are doing what cell phone companies say they cannot do. They are archiving the content of text messages so that parents and their children can standup to cyber-bullies.

As you may know, cell phone providers will not hand over text messages without a court order, even if you are the one paying the bill. Once a text message is deleted it is gone forever. Read More...
Blended Learning Is Not The Future, It Is Here Today
As education transcends traditional, outdated barriers, a new atmosphere of the learning organization is rapidly surfacing across the country. Blended learning has created this transformation. The organic experience of blended learning provides unparalleled engagement by two important factors, the use of technology and the creation of profound teacher student relationships. Without experiencing blended learning first-hand, those in opposition fear the unknown.

In comparison to traditional models of schooling, blended learning is vastly different in all aspects of education. The environment promotes collaboration and problem solving through the way it's designed. Students have the ability to work in a chair, on a couch, or at a table with teachers circulating the large open room while offering immediate assistance. Say goodbye to the cumbersome rows of desks. Due to the online curriculum, students are engaged with 21st century technology, which provides instantaneous feedback to them and their teachers. With built-in flexibility and self-management, their personalized schedule directs their day rather than the traditional bell signaling a change. Their schedule assists them to pace their lessons, eat lunch, participate in an elective, or meet with other students to collaborate on projects. Read More...
Innovative Products
in Blended Learning

Rosetta Stone
Recently I sat down for a small group dinner with Tom Adams, the young, energetic CEO of Rosetta Stone to discuss the role of technology in K-12 education. Tom talked about what Rosetta Stone is doing across the world to bring language development to the masses, even when a qualified teacher is not available. Click on the link above to see for yourself the amazing things Rosetta Stone is doing with blended learning.
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